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San Fran Bound by jamesintrocaso
June 22, 2009, 8:41 am
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Hey everyone,

Well, with the film done, we are sending it off to various places. First up, San Fran! If you happen to be going to the 2009 National Conference on Volunteering and Service, come check us out on June 23rd at 111 Mina Gallery at 9PM. Thanks to our friends at VolunteerMatch, if you are lucky enough to attend their dinner that evening, you will also be seeing the film.

Something to discuss, next week the GWT will be sending videos to everyone they worked with and copies to Oprah, Conan, The Today Show, MiND TV, MTV, the NJ Film Festival, and many other places. Where ELSE should we send copies?




Film Release! by jamesintrocaso
April 23, 2009, 4:34 pm
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Hey everyone,

We’re super excited to annouce the debut of our film The Good Works Tour this Monday April 27th at 9PM in The College of New Jersey Cromwell Main Lounge for FREE. If this is too short notice for you to come and see the film that night, fear not, we will be having more FREE showings of the film in Collingswood, NJ and elsewhere. If you’re an organization and you let us come work with you, look forward to copy of the DVD coming to you soon! Thanks to all those who rock! Comment away, the blog is back, baby!




We’re almost there… by jamesintrocaso
April 4, 2009, 10:05 am
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I know everyone is tired of these posts. We’re so close to being done the film. That’s all. Comment!

Hey, a rough cut! by jamesintrocaso
February 9, 2009, 2:38 pm
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Hey everyone,

So we finished a very rough cut of the film! Congratulations to us! Zach and Eric are working on some original music and we’re very excited that Girl Talk has given us permission to use two songs in our film.  We’re working hard on cleaning up our film now and getting audio levels and graphics just so, as well as making sure it gets the seal of approval from all of the Good Works Fellows. Thanks for your support! We will be mail bombing you all shortly to tell you about our completion of the film!


Let the games begin! by jamesintrocaso
September 12, 2008, 10:27 am
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Good Works Fans,

Well, yesterday we got together again and we brainstormed some ideas for our film. I’m very excited to begin working on it. We’ve got tons of footage to log, so we’re being very careful to make sure we do so correctly so that we can make the best possible product. We had a meeting and then we played D&D, cause we’re aweome.

I’d like to issue a small correction about our own statements involving InterConnection. We said that a volunteer gets a free refurbished computer after 60 hours of service… we were wrong. It’s actually after just 30 hours of service! Get out there, help out, and after a few days of work, BAM! You earned a computer AND you helped people. Whoa. Cool. Great job, guys! We miss you, Greg (and Tim demands a rematch).

One final announcement, our good friend, Dane will be with us editing. He’s got a great eye for film, a great ear for music, and a great mouth for sarcasm. Editing should be awesome!



PS If you haven’t already…. email Oprah.

Home again, home again, jiggety jig by jamesintrocaso

GWT Lords, Ladies and Gentlefolks,

We’re home! …almost.

Today we’ve had the most Good Works of any single day on our tour. In the morning, we left the Kliemo residence (they were too nice, we didn’t want to leave) and went to Philadelphia, where we moved set pieces for The Burn Ward, a local theatre company. Then we went to Camden and donated what was left of our van food to a food bank at St. Anthony’s church. After that we returned to our home town of Collingswood and did our final act of kindness for the tour – we visited our neighbor, Mrs. Reeves. We helped her out by caulking the windows of her bedroom, which were in need of repair. We were glad to finish up there because she is Good Works Tour in how she lives, caring for others and always having a kind word.

Thanks to everyone who helped us along the way, all of the meals, directions, floors, beds, pies, dogs, high fives, donkeys, and encouragements. Thanks especially to all of you, our readers and followers-along: we could not have done any of this without your continued support and encouragement.  You are all a part of the Good Works Tour.

Though this is the end of our trip its not the end of our journey. Stay tuned, Good Works Fans. Our editing will begin soon, and though updates won’t be happening on the blog as often, we still have many videos to post and much work to do, so please keep checking back here and telling your friends and Oprah about us, especially if you’re friends with Oprah.

Thanks for everything,
James, Tim, and Zach

P.S. Here’s a final video Tim did of SAME Cafe in Denver to keep you going for a while!

James hates spiders. by timurian
July 26, 2008, 11:07 pm
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Hey GWT fans,

Today we hit our one week on the road mark! When I told the guys it’s our anniversary they told me I was being clingy. Last night we camped outside of Charleston on St. James Island. It was gross. I love camping, but it’s really humid down south. We also learned some patience from our fellow campers.

“Guys quiet down! You need to go to sleep now!” – a counselor commands 30 kids at 11:30pm.

“Please… please be quiet.” – a counselor weakly pleads at 7:30 am.

PLUS, we had a random act of kindness committed on us! We arrived at the campsite after dark and John from USC offered to help us with our tent, and brought a gigantic lantern to help us see. Thank you wherever you are John!

We hit the road early and made it all the way to Gainesville, Florida where we are staying with Zach’s cousins, who have been absolutely terrific.

We want to send a big shout out to Kim Lowden and Kathy Goulburn, two other Collingswooders – Collingswoodstonians – uhh people from Collingswood on a road trip for meeting up with us.

Tomorrow we get dirty – really dirty – because we’re moving dirt! Stay tuned, and keep telling your friends, grandparents, and veterinarians!