Good Works Tour

About the Tour

Who are we?  We’re three ordinary college grads looking to spend some of our hard-earned cash in late summer of 2008 to see the country, and help out as many folks as possible.

It’s a dream that managed to luck it’s way into planning, and reality, and thus the Good Works Tour was born. Over the course of about 8 weeks (maybe longer!), the three of us will hop on the road in a white minivan to travel the country, and lend a hand wherever we can find one needin’ lending.  We’re out to prove that a little kindness goes a long way, and we’re willing to go all over the continental United States to let people know.

Starting in our home town of Collingswood, NJ the three of us (James, Tim and Zach) will wrap a figure-eight around the US, hitting over 25 major cities and their suburbs.  We’re going to try to meet as many people as possible, and make the best use of our time and energy in a personally interactive way.

We’ll be documenting our journey in just about every way possible, so check back here regularly during and after our trip for pictures, videos, and more updates.  All of which are just a stepping stone toward our documentary film.

(Starring us!)

(Or the United States. Or a van. Really, aren’t they the same thing? GBTUSA.)

(Mostly the van.)


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Good luck guys. I wish you all the best but my house will be very quiet for the rest of the summer!

Comment by Terry Seeley

Have a fantastic time and Happy Movie Making! Please post the cities you’re planning to visit, that way readers can send you information on what to see and where they could use help. Be safe!

Comment by Diane Casey

My heroes

Comment by Cat

I love you guys. Be well, be safe, and call me when you get close to SLC. So long as it’s after the 22nd of August, I’ll have couches with your names on them. I’ll even let you use my shower. Probably even force you to use the shower.

Comment by Christine Osborn

I’m so enjoying your posts and videos. I look forward to them every day. But I miss you!
Mrs. S

Comment by Terry Seeley

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