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Schools! by jamesintrocaso
November 6, 2008, 6:08 pm
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Hey all,

Well these last few days have been exciting for the Good Works Fellows. Zach and I have been giving assemblies to schools. Big shout out to Tatem Elementary School in our hometown of Collingswood. The kids were awesome and they reaffirmed our belief that we are indeed funny people.

We also gave an assembly today at Orchard Friends School in Riverton, NJ. We had a ton of interesting questions from some very polite and thoughtful youths. I cannot believe the insight some of the kids at Orcahrd and Tatem had into our own film. Maybe they should be editing it.

We’re slowly, but surely plodding along with the film. It will be out by Christmas!


PS Tim is sorely missed! We love him.