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Let the games begin! by jamesintrocaso
September 12, 2008, 10:27 am
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Good Works Fans,

Well, yesterday we got together again and we brainstormed some ideas for our film. I’m very excited to begin working on it. We’ve got tons of footage to log, so we’re being very careful to make sure we do so correctly so that we can make the best possible product. We had a meeting and then we played D&D, cause we’re aweome.

I’d like to issue a small correction about our own statements involving InterConnection. We said that a volunteer gets a free refurbished computer after 60 hours of service… we were wrong. It’s actually after just 30 hours of service! Get out there, help out, and after a few days of work, BAM! You earned a computer AND you helped people. Whoa. Cool. Great job, guys! We miss you, Greg (and Tim demands a rematch).

One final announcement, our good friend, Dane will be with us editing. He’s got a great eye for film, a great ear for music, and a great mouth for sarcasm. Editing should be awesome!



PS If you haven’t already…. email Oprah.


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D&D huh? Maybe your characters could go on their own good works tour. Yeah you could set-up an orc literacy school, or help out at the old dwarf’s home, or start a spell-kitchen for poor wizards…

The possibilities are endless.


Comment by Andrew

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