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Greetings from San Francisco (again) by wisedog

Greetings Good Works Fans! Wisedog here with a rare update. I know, we never talk any more. It’s awful.

I’m writing this from high above the snow-covered Sierra Nevada Mountains on my return trip home, after a great day of Good Works Stuff. I spent most of the day yesterday in transit to San Fran (10 1/2 hours on 3 planes. It was awesome, but I admit I missed the van.) But once I arrived in the beautiful City by the Bay, the shades went on and I cruised this hip town in style!

First, I got to go to a reception at the Cartoon Art Museum, where I showed our finished product of The Good Works Tour movie to the attendees of the 2009 National Conference on Volunteerism and Service, including our friends at The Good Works Tour casually hung amongst the brilliant works of cartoon, animation, and comic book art displayed in the museum, as I chatted it up and exercised my networking muscles.

The Good Works Tour hanging in the Cartoon Art Musem!

It might be a little hard to make out, but that's the Good Works Tour (right) hanging out with Mel Blanc (top left).

It was great to meet-up again with many of the friends GWT met at Volunteer Match when we passed through last summer. We’d like to thank Robert at VM a million times for inviting us to come to the reception, setting us up in San Franciscio, and for the great connections he helped us make.

I met a lot of fantastic and dedicated people last night, many of whom are doing fabulous things and really helping their communities, and the world through their work. It was an honor to be counted in their presence, and to have our project and our film noticed.

Personally, I was just super stoked to have OUR cartoon [spoiler!] hanging in the Cartoon Art Museum, right next to Mel Blanc, Daffy Duck, and four familiar hobbits for the evening. And it was totally awesome that The Good Works Tour was displayed in the same museum as this:

From the Warner Brothers Collection.  HOT

From the Warner Brothers Collection. HOT

The Cartoon Art Museum had a massive and very comprehensive exhibit on Watchmen, and I got to totally nerd out for a little while.

Afterward, I meandered around the corner to the very chic and sincerely cool 111 Minna Gallery where we presented a screening of the film alongside their usual Sketch Tuesdays. If you were there, you know how awesome a time it was! Otherwise, you totally missed out. Thanks to the great folks at 111 for being so accommodating.

True to Good Works form, I must also thank my friend Rachel for her hospitality for the evening. It helps to have good friends in far places.

All in all, I had a wonderful time, and it felt a wee bit like I was back on the road for one more day!

Thanks for reading, and please keep checking back, to find out when the Good works Tour is showing their film in YOUR area, and how you can soon acquire your very own DVD of our much-hyped motion picture!


Found photos by our friends at RFB&D-LA by wisedog
April 20, 2009, 1:05 am
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James smiles big for the camera at Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic in Los Angeles.

James smiles big for the camera at Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic in Los Angeles.

While cleaning house, metaphorically speaking, I stumbled across some great shots on the MySpace page for Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic – Los Angeles, taken at their Hollywood studio when we visited them last summer.

Think of this as a prelude to the imminent debut of our film…


Home again, home again, jiggety jig by jamesintrocaso

GWT Lords, Ladies and Gentlefolks,

We’re home! …almost.

Today we’ve had the most Good Works of any single day on our tour. In the morning, we left the Kliemo residence (they were too nice, we didn’t want to leave) and went to Philadelphia, where we moved set pieces for The Burn Ward, a local theatre company. Then we went to Camden and donated what was left of our van food to a food bank at St. Anthony’s church. After that we returned to our home town of Collingswood and did our final act of kindness for the tour – we visited our neighbor, Mrs. Reeves. We helped her out by caulking the windows of her bedroom, which were in need of repair. We were glad to finish up there because she is Good Works Tour in how she lives, caring for others and always having a kind word.

Thanks to everyone who helped us along the way, all of the meals, directions, floors, beds, pies, dogs, high fives, donkeys, and encouragements. Thanks especially to all of you, our readers and followers-along: we could not have done any of this without your continued support and encouragement.  You are all a part of the Good Works Tour.

Though this is the end of our trip its not the end of our journey. Stay tuned, Good Works Fans. Our editing will begin soon, and though updates won’t be happening on the blog as often, we still have many videos to post and much work to do, so please keep checking back here and telling your friends and Oprah about us, especially if you’re friends with Oprah.

Thanks for everything,
James, Tim, and Zach

P.S. Here’s a final video Tim did of SAME Cafe in Denver to keep you going for a while!

Washing showers for seven hours by wisedog
September 5, 2008, 2:28 am
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What a pair of days!  Working with the Christian Appellation Project has been great — their corps of volunteers are very dedicated, and great to work beside, be it 5 in the evening or 5 in the morning.

We spent the day today sleeping until 2 after our all-nighter last night, then working from 3-11, relieving those who took our shift after we left this morning.  It was simple work, but it needed doing, and we were all happy to provide something so tangible, albeit simple, as a clean, hot shower for those dislocated by the hurricane, many of whom were evacuated when Katrina hit three years ago.

We met some amazing people and heard some fantastic stories — I personally had the incredible fortune of jamming with a few folks, and I can say I haven’t had so much fun in a long time.  The moral of the story? Never leave home without your instrument.

Tomorrow we head off to Ohio.  What mysterious wonders will await us there?  Who can say.  For in a whaler, wonders soon wane. I’m very tired.

Holy crap, we’re in Kentucky.
– Wisedog

Mum is NOT the word by wisedog
September 2, 2008, 12:58 am
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Today, we worked with the Interfaith Center in Carbondale, IL, where we planted mums around a meditation labyrinth.  There was color coordination involved.  It was also good to work out of doors, and with water, and the soil.  And then it rained.  But, that’s how things go, and it was still awesome.

Also, as you probably have seen, today we were on one of two community radio stations in the state of Illinois.  We are forced, therefore, to conclude that they are far superior to the other one.  It was a good time. We got to make fools of ourselves on two media today.

Special thanks to Lizzie and Joe for hosting us and showing us a fine time around Carbondale (pronounced “car-BON-de-lay” for those in the know.  Not really.  Just a handful of really, really cool people.)

Chicago seems like a neat town, and I’m looking forward to exploring a little bit more of it tomorrow.  For those who heard us on the radio today, we lied.  Our gig reading to children was cancelled, so we’ll be playing a little bit of tomorrow by ear.  Also, in case you didn’t know, Lake Michigan is huge.  In fact, I would go so far as to call it “great.”

Also, a special shout-out to the residents of New Orleans and our friends at Common Ground Relief.  Hang in there.  If things get bad again, give the GWT a call.

The word is love,
– Wisedog.

P.S. …or possibly “the bird.”  But definitely not “grease”

Building a house? Well, we came close. by wisedog
August 30, 2008, 9:10 pm
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Today, as advertised, the Good Works Tour worked (as arranged by our host, David Baldwin) with the Lawrence, KS, branch of Habitat for Humanity, helping to finish up a house.  The GWT spent most of the morning doing some light drywall work, and the afternoon working at the Habitat Re-Store, where Habitat sells materials that would otherwise be destroyed, as a fundraiser for the Habitat projects.  We were fortunate enough to even meet the future owner of the home, who was volunteering on site.

In possibly related news, our next project will be building a house from the ground up using entirely recycled materials and little to no archetechtual experience.  Though, if I’m lucky, the other dudes will let me use the plans for the house I designed in high school.  It has a greenhouse!

Here’s the video from our ranch adventure in Montana.  We work with power tools!  And I get to stand on a roof!  Dangerous!

Special thanks to the Baldwins for being great to us (and making one mean brisket — James & Tim), and to Ms. B for putting us in touch with her Kansas family.

Back in New Jersey in 8 days (Oh god),
– Wisedog

There’s a reason it’s called the Mile High City… by wisedog
August 29, 2008, 3:22 am
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Hello from Denver, home of the Broncos, allegedly cold beer, and Tim Allen. (What?)

We had a blast working at the SAME Cafe today; they have an awesome program, and everybody who gives their time there is really cool (and the food is GREAT!)

Being in town during the Democratic National Convention has been a trip in and of itself.  We saw a man dressed as the Pope with a naked mannequin on his shoulders, standing on a street corner.  I know, poignant, right?

Here’s the video from our experience with Adopt-a-Stream in Seattle.  Hope you enjoy it!  (See my previous post if otherwise.)

Also, mad props to the Townsends for connecting us with their way-cool cousin in Boulder, who’s been good enough to host us.  Also, mad apologies to Sam for waking him up this morning.  What can we say? The Good Works Tour is loud.  It’s part of our mission statement.  Not really, but kinda, if you think about it.

Thanks for watching us, and caring about what we’re doing for some reason,
– Wisedog