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Home again, home again, jiggety jig by jamesintrocaso

GWT Lords, Ladies and Gentlefolks,

We’re home! …almost.

Today we’ve had the most Good Works of any single day on our tour. In the morning, we left the Kliemo residence (they were too nice, we didn’t want to leave) and went to Philadelphia, where we moved set pieces for The Burn Ward, a local theatre company. Then we went to Camden and donated what was left of our van food to a food bank at St. Anthony’s church. After that we returned to our home town of Collingswood and did our final act of kindness for the tour – we visited our neighbor, Mrs. Reeves. We helped her out by caulking the windows of her bedroom, which were in need of repair. We were glad to finish up there because she is Good Works Tour in how she lives, caring for others and always having a kind word.

Thanks to everyone who helped us along the way, all of the meals, directions, floors, beds, pies, dogs, high fives, donkeys, and encouragements. Thanks especially to all of you, our readers and followers-along: we could not have done any of this without your continued support and encouragement.  You are all a part of the Good Works Tour.

Though this is the end of our trip its not the end of our journey. Stay tuned, Good Works Fans. Our editing will begin soon, and though updates won’t be happening on the blog as often, we still have many videos to post and much work to do, so please keep checking back here and telling your friends and Oprah about us, especially if you’re friends with Oprah.

Thanks for everything,
James, Tim, and Zach

P.S. Here’s a final video Tim did of SAME Cafe in Denver to keep you going for a while!


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Welcome Home Guys! Its good to see all of you alive and well, and still friends. I can’t wait to see the movie and read the book, and if you need any stand-ins for “dramatizations” in the film…well consider this my application.

“In a world where three guys do good works…”


Comment by Andrew

I guess I never really got a chance to explain to you how amazing you guys are for going on this trip and how much it impacted me. Hell, even my family wanted to be up to date with you. It wasn’t just following you guys through a blog. It was the realm of being constantly aware and constantly stimulated by good works and those who carry them out. I get overwhelmed when I think of it all and then I don’t know the perfect way to tell you that the three of you are awesome. So the word “awesome” is just going to have to do for now. You’re certainly somethin’ else, that’s for sure. What an adventure, huh? Wow, it makes me want to go on an adventure myself, you know?
You guys must be exhausted. Rest up.

Comment by Cat

I just found out about you through the Volunteer Match newsletter! Since “awesome” has already been taken, I think you guys are tremendous, creative, and clever! While you have been touring, I’ve been trying to launch The Social Cause Diet. Check it out on Maybe there’s a way to help each other…help others!

Comment by Gail Johnston

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