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American Pie Party and Assemblies! by jamesintrocaso

Hey all,

The mighty editing continues (and our promise of a rough cut by Christmas holds strong). We’ll be seriously working hard into November. We’re all super duper (yeah I said it) excited to be getting down to the cutting and gutting of the film.

This week two amazing things happened. We gave our first school assembly to Somerdale Park School. We met a group of really great, highly inspiring students and teachers who were kind enough to give us some time to explain the purpose of our trip and show some video clips. There is a special shout out to Mrs. Susan Ratajski and her class for the awesome thank you letters. (They also wrote to Oprah about us… you should too!)

A VERY IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! We worked with American Pie Party in Columbus, OH to set up a time that we could be pied in the face back home! If you go to this auction site and bid on us, you will get to pie all three of the Good Works Fellows in the FACE and all of your proceeds will go to benefit American Pie Party and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and their on-going battle to help children and their families who have been touched by cancer. To bid, CLICK HERE. By the way, feel free to pool resources to bid, we will take multiple pies in our faces for this cause. The clips of us being pied in the face are needed to complete our film!!! Help us out!

Finally, a big farewell and break a leg to our friend and fellow GWT Fellow, Tim Urian. He’ll be off to pursue a life of theatre and poverty in Bloomsburg, PA. He’ll be performing with the Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble. Break bones, Tim and come back often to visit and we’ll be up there to see you often! (Side note: Tim will still be heavily involved in the post-production and promotion of the film AND will also be pied in the face, so BID!).

We would also like to wish the composer of the music for our videos (and our D&D buddy), Eric Michaels, good luck in all of his travels being a sound designer!




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