Good Works Tour

“The Mississippi still isn’t as big as I thought…” by jamesintrocaso

That’s right Good Works Fans, we’re back on the other side of the Mississippi, ready to serve the Eastern section of our country. After a nice stay in Kansas with Dave and Jill, we’re here in Carbondale, IL with our friend Lizzie. Tomorrow we’ll be on a local radio station here and we will be planting some mums at the local Interfaith Center and then we make the long drive to Chicago. A busy day indeed for the Good Works Fellows, but we’ve been well fed on home made pad Thai and life is grand.

One more thing, please let anyone and everyone you know hear about We’ve got some great videos coming and even more on their way and our views are way down. Please help others see us!

Finally, for your enjoyment, we present a video from our time at CHOICE Humanitarian. Check out Wisedog’s handy work.



PS To email Oprah, go to and click on the “contact us” link at the bottom of the page. Tell her to visit!!!!


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Hey, not bad to be the “men in the white hats!”
But then your fans back home have always known that, haven’t we?

Great clip today.

See you soon,

Comment by Mamu

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