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They promised me there was a restaurant on top. by timurian
August 30, 2008, 12:32 am
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Today we drove from Boulder, Colorado to Lawrence, Kansas. A lot of people told us this would be our most boring drive, but we proved them wrong. How did accomplish this Sisyphean task you ask? Easy, we visited the world’s biggest ball of twine. And boy, was it big. Here’s a picture of how happy James was to at last meet the holy grail of twine.

Mmm twine

Mmm twine

The best part of visiting the ball of Twine was finding it. It is located in the tiny town of Cawker, which is also home to the ‘Ball of Twine Inn’, and sidewalks painted with a trail of twine. We parked on the main street and went in search of our epic quarry, but found ourselves unable to locate it.

Of course we decided to ask the locals, here’s an excerpt from a conversation I had in a gift/antique shop.

Me: Hi, I’m trying to find your ball of twine.
Store Owner: Yep.
Me: … Umm. I’d like to know where your ball of twine is?
Store owner points the direction from which we had walked.

Apparently we had parked almost catercorner to this gargantuan landmark. Perhaps our minds weren’t ready for the bliss that is beholding the ball of twine, but you could definitely see it from our car.

After we laughed at what we had done we discussed what this meant about our navigation skills, visited the legend, then proceeded to Lawrence, where David and Jill Baldwin have graciously put us up. Tomorrow we Habitat for Humanity! Yes, some places are foolish enough to trust us with power tools.

One Love,



PS Kansas has people. Really. And flat land is impressive because of the big sky. GWT <3s Kansas.


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Do they let you add twine?
Was it previously privately owned and now perserved by the Township?
Did you have to pay a fee to hug it?
Were Barney, Aunt Bee and Opie around?
Guiness Book Largest?……..??….??

I just discovered that all of my questions are answered on your link to “ball of twine”.
Thank you GWT. I see that your links are as important as your postings.

Comment by No stings attached

that conversation is priceless, tim

Comment by Cat

was that a scissors I saw in James’ hand?

Comment by Linda Wiseley

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