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Oprah must hear us! by jamesintrocaso
August 28, 2008, 3:04 am
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First off, please email Oprah. Ok, now on to more news.

Today we drove, drove, drove all the way to Boulder, Colorado. We’re staying with our friend Kim’s cousin, Kristin, and all of her roommates. Kudos to them for getting us out of our van and onto some couches. Mad ups to the people of Boulder.

Tomorrow, we’ll be commuting to Denver to work at the SAME Cafe. SAME stands for So All May Eat. They’re an awesome organization that is a pay what you can cafe that’s always serving and always busy. We’ll be sure to check out the Democratic Convention while we’re in town and yell at delegates and stuff.

Also, here’s a new video today about one of our experiences in Seattle, WA. We were working with InterConnection, a group that does work rebuilding computers and giving them to those in need. The best part is volunteers are rewarded after 60 hours of work with a computer of their own! Enjoy! (Be sure to check out the competition Tim go into while we were there.)




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I tried to email Oprah like 30 times. It didn’t work. I don’t know why. But I tried.

Comment by John F

Try this link to contact Oprah;jsessionid=ac11067f30d9d5ad4ccaa2db44ae9227f27519dcc7d2.e3qNbNuOaNmPe34Tch0Mc38Nb310?_k=_cqn1g7q_ka5

Or and go to “contact us” at bottom of page

Comment by BDL

Thanks so much for visiting InterConnection and producing such a fun video – our volunteers had a great chuckle watching it 🙂
By the way volunteers get a computer after volunteering ONLY 30 hours not 60. See you on Oprah

Comment by Eimear

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