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Giant Milky Way by jamesintrocaso

Holy crap. If you haven’t been to Montana, you should go just to see the stars at night. We’ve been here for a little over 24 hours and it is a good time. Today we restored what may be the  largest old barn in America with Montana Living History. These guys are a great group that celebrates this state’s history by encouraging residents to visit historical sites and throwing a Wild West Fest every year in early August (we JUST missed it). The barn is on the Kleffner Ranch, which also happens to be the place we are staying. Last night our blanket was THE STARS! Boo yah, that’s what I’m talking about Big Dipper! Where you at, Polaris? I’m looking at you, Way of Milk!

Also, about five minutes ago our own Wisedog helped out in front of the cafe where we stopped to write the blog post. He found a woman’s cell phone and called a bunch of people in her contacts until she came over to pick it up! It was a nice phone too. He’s the man! A very Good Works Tour thing to do. And yes, we got it on film.

Tomorrow we’re heading out on another long drive to Salt Lake City, UT. On Tuesday we’ll be working with CHOICE Humanitarian. Check them out! They’re international.

One small favor we ask all of our Good Works Fans, please send our web address out to your respective mailing lists, clubs, friends, family and Oprah. Seriously, email Oprah. I’m not kidding about emailing Oprah. If you don’t email Oprah, Tim will cry because you didn’t email Oprah. Remember, email Oprah…. Oprah.

In other news, Timmy U cut together a kick butt video of us at Dorothy’s Place in Salinas, CA. Please, check it out. Also, forgive the few blips in the footage. This is the day our camera died. Sing that last sentence to the tune of the Don McClean song.




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Guys you have to get Cristin to tell you the “You know Oprah?” story when you get home. I don’t know if its appropriate for the intarwebnet since if the Oprah has you on, she’ll probably see your website, but its hilarious.

If you’re in Helena try to find Sean Breslin, last we heard he’s still living out there.


Comment by Andrew

You guys are excellent.

Comment by Maria

Hey Guys,

I wrote to Oprah -gave it my best shot – proud aunt bragging about her wonderful nephew and his two terrific friends – hope she reads it!
Be safe!

Comment by Tia

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