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Tossed Salad and Scrambled Eggs by wisedog
August 22, 2008, 6:18 am
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Greetings from beautiful Seattle!

We must be on the “awesome places to live” leg of our trip, because every city since San Francisco has had great vibes, and came up roses in more ways than one.

Today, in Portland, we worked with Northeastern Emergency Food Bank, stocking shelves and learning about all the great things they do for their community. Portland is a beautiful, friendly city. Mad, mad thanks to our friend Jerod who hosted us and made us a delicious and healthy breakfast.

After eating well, working hard, and meeting cool people, not to mention loving every minute of the largest bookstore I’ve ever seen (Thanks, Brent!), we hopped back on the road north to Seattle, home of even more awesome people and the Space Needle. It’s a needle that points to space, as far as I can tell. Which, therefore, makes it wonderful. We camped out in a café in the Capital Hill section of town, where I made some new friends, and Tim painstakingly put together this latest work of art, as we make up for time lost during the camera transition. Enjoy this video featuring our work at the Monterey SPCA!

Tomorrow, we work with Adopt-a-Stream and InterConnection. More about those guys after we spend some time with them. Hopefully, we’ll be saving nature and repairing computers. Opposites DO attract!



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Adopt-a-Stream looks like a cool idea. Maybe one we could even use in New Jersey. Funny how New Jersey has more “Superfund” sites than any other state but rather than adopt-a-stream we have adopt-a-highway. I’m sure those two thing are completely unrelated.

PS Try not to insult an important landmark in EVERY city you guys visit. In the last few days you’re two for two with the Golden Gate Bridge and the Space Needle.

Love and Keep Up the Good Works

Comment by Andrew

You can bring the imaginary GWT puppy to come play with Bear. BTW he miss you boys fairly hardcore. Be safe! See you soon!

Comment by Katy

Thank you for volunteering with The SPCA for Monterey County! Your time here made a true difference in the lives of animals. Yu’re welcome back any time!

Congratulations on the adoption of your imaginary puppy. I hope the adoption is going well.

Comment by The SPCA

Thank you for volunteering with The SPCA for Monterey County! Your time with us made a real difference in the lives of animals. You are welcome back any time.

Also, congratulations on the adoption of your imaginary puppy. I hope your new adoption is going well!

Comment by The SPCA

Does anyone else hear that prolonged horn sound in the background?

Comment by Maria

James, you could have brought home the little whilte dog for me – he was really cute. Good work, guys.
Stay safe
Love you

Comment by Aunt Mel

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