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Rorange means red-orange by timurian

Hey GWT Fans!

We drove today. And drove. And then drove some more. In fact, we drove from San Fran to Portland, which is a 10 hour drive – more like 12 hours with stops. We crossed the Golden Gate Bridge, which was unfortunately very foggy. As James so astutely pointed out, the bridge is more orange then golden. For lunch, we continued our side quest to eat at fast food places we had never been before by entering an In-n-Out Burger. Wow. My cheeseburger was phenomenal, but it also doubled as a sleeping pill – best van nap ever. There were lots of mountains and beautiful landscapes to watch on the long ride north

When we got to Portland, James’ college buddy Vegas took us out to a classy dinner. Many thanks to him, and to Jerod H. for letting us crash at his place for tonight. It is wonderful to see all of our friends and relatives that are dispersed about the nation.

Tomorrow, we’re working at Northeast Emergency Food Program, then heading to Seattle. Watch out Many-Starbucksed-City, here we come!

And finally, more videos!  Here’s Zach and James at Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic in Los Angeles and, hey, who are those hot dudes carrying lemonade?




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Your video at RFB&D-LA is AWESOME!!! We are so grateful that you chose to come volunteer at our Hollywood studio. Thanks so much, you guys.

Comment by diane

who were those masked studdly (?) men hoisting lemonade? An admirer!

Comment by Mom Urian

He’s right. Zach Wiseley will Never become an astronaut.

Comment by Cat


Comment by Rebecca

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