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“Where’s that Jersey sense of wackiness?” by jamesintrocaso

Greetings GWT Fans!

Today was pretty killer. Oh yes, I said killer. We first visited some of our friends at Meals on Wheels and served food to some friendly seniors at one of their locations. In the afternoon, we washed some of their vans. This organization is SO important to me, because not only do they feed the seniors they serve, but they also provide a way to reach seniors who don’t have friends or family regularly checking in with them. This means a lot to me, since I often wonder what my late Grandmother would have done without a wonderful team of children, my mother among the three siblings, to take care of her. It is great to know that there are people looking out for seniors like her. Check them out here.

We also had a heck of day going to see our inspirations and guides at Volunteer Match. These guys run a great service that the GWT uses to map all our destinations and schedule all our volunteer fun. They are THE SITE for volunteers, and they themselves are a nonprofit that has volunteers on board. Kudos to them for all the work they do. Their offices are beauitful and they made us feel at home as we interviewed them and visited their planning meetings. I highly reccomend visiting their website, especially if the GWT has inspired you to get involved.

One more note, our new camera is a little fussy connecting to computers so there will be a small period of time without some webisodes. We’re working on it as quickly as we can so that we can share all our experiences with you and our new camera works like a dream. Big shout out to my mother for buying that coverage policy on the camera. It saved our butts big time. I love you, Mom.



PS My friend Sean Curry and I wrote another Thought Bubble article. Check it out!


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Hey, you guys probably know this, but volunteer match has a link on their front page to you guys in the orange “get inspired” part. That’s pretty cool.

Love and such as always,

Comment by Laura

Hey James,
I am catching up with your videos. Very touching Meals on Wheels. Your Gran is smiling down on your good works and all the positive energy you are putting out to the world.
Love you! Tia

Comment by Tia

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