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We’re Back by timurian
August 18, 2008, 3:29 am
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Good Works Tour is on the road again!

This morning we bid goodbye to Los Angeles and headed north. Around mid-day we arrived at the SPCA in Monterey. I entered the building not wanting any sort of a pet but left begging James for a Good Works Tour Dog. He told me I could have an imaginary dog, who I subsequently named Sparky. After watching the cute animals in their cages we got down and dirty cleaning animal carrying crates. Give us a sponge and a hose and we’ll give you a whole ton of cleanliness.

After waving goodbye to all of the kittens and loading Sparky into our car we headed to Dorothy’s Place where we cooked up a storm. That’s right, we reheated spaghetti. Our mothers would be proud. We had a blast serving dinner to homeless women, and an even better time talking with them and the people who run the shelter. I know it was one of my favourite good works because I desperately want to do it again.

Jimbo finished up two videos today, feel free to start getting addicted to them.


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I guess you will have to return to LA as witnesses when the trial begins.
No fair hiring an actress to call you guys “superheros”.
Good Luck to Alida.
P Bones

Comment by P Bones

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