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Idle, but still Wild by wisedog
August 16, 2008, 5:22 am
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Good evening, GWFans.  I have to say, if New York is the city that never sleeps, then L.A. is the city where everyone else in the US is asleep before you are.  Am I just bitter about the time difference from New Jersey?  Probably.

But, in any case, to reality.  James made phone calls all morning, like most mornings, and now our trip home is just about planned out through to Pittsburgh.  This bums me out, idealogically speaking, but we’ll end up getting more done this way, so I can’t really complain.  For details, you can check out our Google Map, and see where we’ll be making our stops.

Tim brought the camera to Siggraph today to document a little bit of what he’s been doing all week, in an effort to prove to us that he hasn’t just been sitting in the Redondo Beach sun, and bringing home digital graphics technology souvenirs coincidentally.

Tomorrow, we hope to meet up with our good friend Mike Casey, who seems to have permanently relocated himself in Mission Viejo (that’s “Old Mission” for the gringos, especially those who aren’t willing to let a little thing like grammar get in the way of naming their cities.)  According to most accounts, Mission Viejo is as safe as Camden is dangerous.  So, good for you, Mike Casey.

In admittedly unrelated news, we keep falling asleep before we get anything done at night, usually, and I’m left up to type anything at all on the blog.

Lucidly dreaming of you,
– Wisedog


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You had better get Wisdog back in the Van PDQ.(Only kidding. Actually the blog has been entertaining as well as informative. This bodes well for the documentary)
Enjoy the drive up the Pacific Coast.

Comment by P Bones

Having fun and volunteering….mmmmm. You are showing a side to volunteering that the world needs to know. This could encourage a new trend of volunteering while on vacation or “Volunteering Vacations”. Let’s do the math. If everyone in the world who takes a vacation did a specific good work that would be millions of additional good works. may steal this idea if they are monitoring the Web.
copywrited Patio-Daddio

Comment by Patio-Daddio

My sarcastic sources tell me “vacation volunteering” is already an established idea. What does anyone out there in blogland know about it???

Comment by Patio-Daddio

Sorry I donn’t have a cool moniker good buddies…Just chekin’ in to say Hi and sending good wishes! Enjoyed all of your postings…
love ya Zach…xxx/ooo

Comment by Linda Wiseley

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