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Rock and Rollin’ by wisedog
August 15, 2008, 6:21 am
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Wow, what a great time we’ve all been having here in Los Angeles.  Tim has been doing things like meeting famous directors, and learning all sorts of neat industry tricks at Siggraph, and James and I have been out on the road trying to do our thing even when anchored in beautiful LA.

Today, the two of us paid a visit to Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic – Los Angeles (RFB&D-LA) and took a tour of their operation there, and we got to do a little bit of reading ourselves!  This was a totally fun experience, and once we were registered, we realized that anybody who can read can give an hour or two of their time every week and really make a difference in a lot of people’s lives.  Entertaining and informative video forthcoming.

Afterward, we cruised LA a little bit before landing back at my cousins’ place in Van Nuys.  They took us out to dinner, and then the hoppin’ Lesbian/Transvestite bar across the street from the restaurant, where it was conveniently karaoke night.  We partied, sang and danced like it was gay 1999, all while avoiding making eye contact with the DJ while he unbuckled his pants on stage.

We of the Good Works Tour can’t thank our families enough for the incredible hospitality we’ve been shown, not least of which has been a nudge further down the line along the Good Drinks Tour (a smaller, but just as universal cause.)

In conclusion, we’ve been partying (except for Tim and James) instead of working really hard while in LA.  We’re all business, though, coming soon.

Thanks for following us!  We love you all.
– Wisedog


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I’m glad to hear of some relaxing type behavior going on while the Van rests up. Those books on tape were a great comfort to my Aunt who was blind. Nice job.
P.S. Anyone else out there who has been helped by a volunteer in one way or another?

Comment by BDL

What I want to know is if footage of the karaoke night exists. I’d love to see that.

Comment by Laura

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