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Big Sunday, Wake Up in the Late Afternoon… by jamesintrocaso
August 14, 2008, 4:36 am
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Hey all,

Big ups to the GWT crew today. Timmybones continued his amazing volunteer experiences at the Siggraph Conference and did a good work by getting rides home for all his homeboys in our van.

Meanwhile, the Wisedog and myself went to an organization known as Big Sunday to help them out with some lemonade they had. These guys organize a huge act of kindness each year, working with tons of non-profits, churches, schools, businesses and more to make one weekend a HUGE event. The idea is that ANYONE can help his or her fellow humans. A very GWT idea. This year of their 50,000+ people helping out in the City of Angels on their chosen weekend, some lucky kids ran lemonade stands to raise money for various children’s charities. They had left over lemonade that they want to get to a food bank, but they don’t have the time to call food banks and haul the lemonade over there. Enter GWT with their Millenium Minivan. Zach and I picked up the lemonade and will be taking it to a food pantry soon. Look for more details about that and a video soon to follow.

Today Zach and I also visited our good friend, Alida. She’s just moved to LA and needed help transporting and carrying furniture purchased from IKEA, a place to which I had never been until today (and I still have yet to go inside). She seemed happy to have our help and we wish her tons of luck as she begins her graduate studies and earns her PhD.

Today – lemonade! Tomorrow – aiding the blind! Whoosh!



PS Today we got called Superheroes and it made my year.


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“Variety is the spice of volunteering.”
Nice job.


Comment by BDL

Fellow GWT Bloggers,
Make sure you check out Big Sunday’s web page. Community may be a common link in volunteering.

GWT Boys and or Fans,
How easy is it to find organizations in need?
What have been your collective experiences?

Comment by GWT follower

superheroes.. damn straight Alida boom!

Comment by Cat

Very cool guys, Big Sunday seems like an awesome thing. Kinda like the “DrewStock” of volunteering/charity work. (Yeah that’s right a DrewStock reference WHAT!)

And I want to know what your superhero volunteering names are…


~Good works are links that form a chain of love~
Mother Teresa

Comment by Andrew

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