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Driving in Los Angeles by wisedog
August 11, 2008, 4:09 am
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Even speaking as the “emergency-only, probably-never” driver of the Good Works Tour, might I say that the city of Los Angeles has caused us to go in more loops than an air-circus stunt pilot after a case of Red Bull and a handful of No-Doze, neither of which is endorsed by the GWT.

Tonight, while trying to shuttle Tim and colleague from the first day of Siggraph to dinner, we stumbled upon quite the scene.  Namely, a car sprawled out across three lanes of what would have been a relatively busy road.  The only person at the scene, presumably the driver of the wrecked car, was scrambling about, and gathering his belongings from the automobile, only before scuttling off into the night, clutching his goods, with a highlighter between his teeth.  James called the police, and alerted them to the situation, but the man (who had either willingly or unwillingly driven his vehicle off a road and ramped up a hill near an on-ramp to the 101) was nowhere to be found.

“Good Works Tour: calls the police FOR you…AND your totaled, abandoned vehicle.”

In relatively related news, keep checking back this week for our video from our work with the Alzheimer’s Association in Las Vegas.  Many millions of thanks to Tim’s and my cousins, both sets of whom have been unbelievably welcoming and accomadating.

“OUR car, Walter?”
– Wisedog


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They don’t call this LA-LA-LAND for nothin’ boys! I just want to say how great it is to have you here. Just checked out some of the vids and blogs and am very impressed with you GOOD WORK! Kudos to you.

Comment by len iannelli

This can now officially be called a cross-country trip fellas, YAY! Wave hello to the Pacific Ocean for me, we’ve never met but I hear good things. Hopefully you guys can get a little R & R in California I mean even Jeebus rested every now and then.

Hey can you check and see if the women are really that much hotter in LA? That’s the rumor I hear…

Comment by Andrew

as his g/f, i would ask that you NOT do that. or at least, don’t report back. i need to keep him in the dark:)

Comment by Cristin

I Hope this was a good work that has film footage. Perhaps you have an entry for AFV.
$10,000.00 prize to the GWT.

Comment by Video Fan

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