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Planning and planning and planning by jamesintrocaso
August 10, 2008, 2:20 am
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Well Good Works Fans, in a nutshell, today we planned our faces off. We have a more secure route (coming soon to a Google Map near you) and we have a return date. Our triumphant return will be September 7, 2008 sometime in late afternoon or early evening.

When our Google Map does get edited (before or during our post tomorrow) check to see if we’ll be in your neck of the woods. We’d love to do Good Works for any who need them so let us know when we’re coming near you and what we can do.

We’re still going to be in LA until the 17th and we called a lot of places today to do good works. You should be seeing our adventures out here as soon as they start happening.

Finally, the video of our Good Works with memory loss patients will be appearing tomorrow. We want to put a lot of time into the video because it is a subject which means the world to all of us. We all know a person or more in our own lives who has been touched by memory loss and it is a difficult thing with which to deal.

We’re here with Wisedog’s cousins currently, who are VERY kind to be feeding us for the evening and helping us get the lay of the land, just as Tim’s cousins did last night.



PS As for the incident referred to in yesterday’s post script the event on the road involved our top carrier openning up. Zach “The Ninja” Wiseley noticed cars swerving to avoid us and so we had to pull off to the side of the freeway where myself and Tim “Ladies Man Extrodinaire” Urian and I had to secure the carrier with zip ties since the latch was bent and would not close. Everyone is fine, though we lost our engine coolant and some other items that can easily be replaced. Nothing essential for surrvival or expensive was held in the carrier.


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I am looking forward to seeing all of you after your return Sunday September 7th. That is Hercules’ birthday; seems appropriate.
I myself will not be here. The Commonwealth Tennis Tournament begins that day in Bali. As reigning doubles/singles champion I must compete.
The “Great” Works Tour here in Collingswood arranged a fund raiser to pay my entrance fee.
That Seeley boy is certainly nice.

Shake up the Volunteer Scene in LA, (but be careful, shaking makes them nervous)

Svetlana Kuznetsova

Comment by Svet to my friends

………………………………………..You need to stop that.

Comment by Maria

I want to thank you three for the visit to my wards. I know that they really enjoyed the visit with you. They very rarely get to visit with young adults and while they do not recall the visit you made that moment in their lives a little less lonely. As a mom to two young men I know that your mothers are very proud and you can let them know that they just didn’t do something right they did it all right. God bless you during your journey and in all of your future endeavors. April Parks

Comment by april parks

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