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California, Here We Come by wisedog
August 9, 2008, 3:11 am
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Greetings from Redondo Beach, California, home to more of Tim’s wonderful cousins and beautiful weather.

Today, we explored the famous Las Vegas strip, which only one of us had seen before (it’s the obvious one, I’ll let you puzzle it out.)

Afterward, we spent the afternoon with several elderly individuals affected by memory loss. It was an extraordinarily interesting experience, and we got to meet some great people.  We hope that we were able to at least brighten a day or two by stopping by and saying hello.

We then hopped on the highway and made our way all the way across southern California to Los Angeles. We caught a sunset on the run, and it was beautiful.

Today marks our first night of what will prove to be a week in the Los Angeles area.  Tim’s being a busy beaver at his conference, but James and I (and Tim as often as he can) will keep up the Good Works here in the city of Angels, as well as take in a little bit of the West Coast culture we hear so much about on the East Coast.

The Dude Abides,
– Wisedog

P.S. Also, interesting to note, we had a minor incident on the I-405 getting down here.  Our faithful followers will be happy to know that it wasn’t a collision or anything serious like that; the three of us (and the Millenium Minivan) are A-OK.  And hopefully, no one behind us on the highway was injured from any hypothetical falling debris, or the ensuing chaos that such hypothetical falling debris would inevitably cause on an interstate at 70 miles per hour.

P.P.S. IM’ing someone while in the same 15′ radius of that person is dumb.  Talking smack about your friends behind their back is dumb as well.  Also, James and Tim are dumb.


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Comment by interestedinhearingmore

Oh dear…

Comment by Moi

James and co! I am flying out to LA tomorrow. How would you boys like to perform a good deed of helping a poor grad student move furniture? 😉

I’ll buy you lunch as a thank-you!


Comment by Alida

wait, who to the what now? I want to know more, too…like what happened on the highway?

Comment by Laura

You brightened my day. At least I think you did?

Comment by Old Timer

Redondo Beach. That is the home of “The Little Miss Sunshine Pageant”. You could help out at the pageant. Wait….was that fiction?

Comment by Old Timer

Redondo Beach…mmmmm….make sure you visit the Power Plant while you are there.
Enjoy your trip Gentlemen,

Comment by Mr. P

Details demanded!

Comment by Moi

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