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Viva Las Vegas by jamesintrocaso
August 8, 2008, 2:53 am
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Good Works Fans,

Today we hit up Vegas. We’re here working with the Alzheimer’s Association here to see a different look at the city other than Casinos and Hotels. We’ll talk more about this tomorrow, once our good deeds are done with this organization, but they gave us a free dinner tonight and we got to meet a lot of very cool volunteer and members of this amazing organization that’s doing so much to fight a major disease affecting many Americans.

Tonight, we present two new videos based on our experiences in Arizona. The first is our experience at St. Michael Indian School putting in insulation and the second is our self-made promotional good work in Flagstaff, AZ involving giving away free water. We faught hydration. Please keep up with us and look forward to seeing some very good videos soon. Keep the comments coming.




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We are glad to see the proper use ofpersoal protective equipment.
Very nice video segway from sweaty mask to hydration needs of the general population.
Heavy use of symbolism.

Comment by OSHA inspector

The insulation video was funny to me because I know that James learned the tricks of the trade from Mr. Al Hird. However, I am surprised that James did not recommend gloves for handling that insulation. You must have ended up sweaty and itchy. Good stuff gentlemen – there are so many people talking about you and proud of you.

Comment by Mark Wiltsey

Tim, loved your juggling act. Only thing missing is the unicycle you used to ride around Collingswood while you juggled. (Really)

Comment by Paul

Wow – what mad skills! There is great danger of you all becoming really useful once you get home!

Seriously, we are enjoying the conversations with the people at the sites. To hear what the different work means to them, and how they feel about your help, gives us some insights into the many relationships occurring at all the different places. You’re doing a good job of conveying what the work means to people.

Thanks, guys, and stay safe.

Viva Las Vegas,

Comment by momdiggity

I hope you guys actually f(o)ught DEhydration.

Comment by John Fischer

Wow, this almost makes me miss the West! Oh wait… no… no it doesn’t at all. Because I’m heartless, jaded, and bitter. Unlike you boys. 😀

Oh, and by the way, that sweaty face mask is disgusting!

Comment by Emma

tim, you and me, juggle off

Comment by Cat

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