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Hydration Elation by timurian
August 6, 2008, 8:16 pm
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See, when in doubt you just have to pick a title that rhymes.

I never wanted to see the Grand Canyon that badly, because it just seemed like a big hole in the ground. Turns out it is a gigantic hole in the ground – and I’m totally into it. Really, I just gape at it. Kind of embarrassing.

This morning we learned that it requires an expensive permit to film volunteers in the Grand Canyon. For about ten minutes we were very upset. Then we drove to nearby Flagstaff with a good work that’s a little different from our normal fare in mind. We’ve been lucky so far with weather here, so it hasn’t been too hot, but this is an undeniably dry state. Mouth full of sand dry. We decided people needed water. So we stood outside of a local mall with two cases of bottled water, each affixed with a special, limited-edition, Good Works Tour sticker on it (read: mailing labels we wrote on with sharpie marker) and handed out water for free. Responses ranged from “No thanks, I don’t like that brand” to “Wow, this is awesome!” A lot of people walked away with big smiles and we had a ball. Video coming soon!

Tomorrow we head to Las Vegas. Will we be able to do good works there? Will we become jaded and disallusioned? Will we lose Zach? I know that shiny lights distract me, so stay tuned to find out!



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Definitely want to see more rhyming.
Nice choice for “Individual Act of Kindness”.
H2O is essential to survival and perhaps you are demonstrating that GW’s are also.


Comment by Inspired


Grand Canyon is very impressive especially when your older sister doesn’t lead you down there at night when there are mountain lions and strange Indians, and then you sleep in a puddle near a horse paddock behind the reservation convenience store… (You know that trip was one of the best I’ve ever been on if only for the miles I’ve gotten out of telling that story, Thanks Kimmy!)

Good luck in Vegas boys, remember, keep you wallet in your front pocket, don’t ever play cards with somebody with the middle name “the” or a last name that’s a city, don’t tell the cab driver how much you won that night, and don’t get VD.


Comment by ajintrocaso

Tim, in relation to your first paragraph…THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID. Sorry, I had to.
Allison has family in Vegas AND she is related to Carrot Top.
Also, Vegas has thise whole “green” initiative going on right now. Check it out while you’re there.
Miss you buddy,

Comment by Sem

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