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“Holy crap! That’s a big hole in the ground!” by jamesintrocaso
August 5, 2008, 11:27 pm
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Ladies and Gentlemen, that’s what Tim Urian said upon seeing the Grand Canyon today. We had a great time at St. Michael yesterday and a video shall be forthcoming. By the end of the experience, I was covered in fiberglass and looked like Big Bird. We’re trying to get us a good work for tomorrow, but are having a little trouble (our communications are a bit slack in the desert so bear with us, we’ll be slow to update). I’m sitting in a hotel bar writing this. We, of course, aren’t staying in the hotel. We’re at a camp ground, but oh man is the canyon amazing and the air fresh. Camping is the best way to see everything here.

A few more updates here, I was recently interviewed on as a comic book expert by the one and only Sean “Fun Time” Curry. Check out the article here. It was a lot of fun and he plugged the Good Works Tour for us and we talked about Super Heroes. His article, “Though Bubble” is a regular on

Finally, tonight we present our long awaited video of us working in Great Hills Park in Austin, TX. It was was way fun. Check it out below!

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Cecil seems like a pretty awesome kid.

Keep it up, guys. It is awesome. You are keeping it so, so real.

Comment by seeley2

This video is “plum”.
Be careful in the desert.

Comment by On the level

Keep rockin, stay awesome.

Comment by Moi

I can’t believe you atually made it to Meteor Crater. Fabuloso.

I hope you “experienced the impact”

Comment by Alien IIV

GWT Fans,
Check the GWT map for details on Meteor Crater.

Comment by Alien IIV

Cecil got the impression down pat

Comment by Cat

Hey there – Thanks for helping out our park! We really appreaciate it!

Comment by Maria

Batman had to do all of those things because the Joker had exploited the fact that he only had one rule; he doesn’t kill. By doing this he makes criminals think that he is capable of anything and can no longer be exploited in this aspect.

Comment by Chris

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