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Zoo video! by wisedog
August 3, 2008, 12:02 pm
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Hello again, from El Paso.  Last night and this morning, Tim put together our webisode for the Austin Zoo.  We had a great time, and met some great critters.

Off we go into the desert — you’ll be hearing from us as soon as we can.

– Wisedog


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Hi Guys,
I’m glad to see you finally getting a job where you can use your vast experience. certainly piling up brush is an area of your expertise.
Good luck crossing the desert at noon.

P.S. WAWA called and said thanks for the exposure and they are giving the GWT a commission on all the earnings from Texans going to their local WAWA.

BE safe.

Comment by Former employer and trainer

Do they opperate on daynations? Do they James??

Love, your daily snatchy comment leaver,

Comment by Cristin

I liiiiikeeee itttt

Comment by Cat, Im a kitty cat, and I dance dance dance

2 things:

Nice Wawa shirt

And nice dig on Andrew. He’s a busy guy to make it all the way out to Austin and back to Jersey for work…

Comment by Colin

Little Brother got jokes huh? You know its all fun and games from 2000 miles away. But the thing about road trips is EVENTUALLY you come back home, and there your “bear” of a big brother will be waiting…

PS Thanks for the shout out (that might be as famous as I ever get)

Comment by ajintrocaso

by the way. in one of the shots it looks like James checks out Tim’s rear end when he bends over.

Comment by Cat

ok, i JUST saw the last 20 secs of the video-well done. in your defense, it does really look like him.

Comment by Cristin

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