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3 States, 2 Countries, still 1 van by timurian
August 3, 2008, 11:16 pm
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Hey there GWT Fans,

Zach didn’t lie, we’re in the desert, but apparently the have internet in the desert – who woulda known? This morning we got moving so we could go to Mexico – by foot. We parked near the border, walked over a short footbridge, and for the reasonable price of 35 cents each we entered a country none of us had ever been to before. Basically we walked down the block, had street vendors offer us things that would be inappropriate to mention here, then paid another 35 cents to come back to the land of the free, home of the brave. Totally worth it. I really wanted a burrito, but knowing that I would be in a van for 7 hours I abstained.

We drove from El Paso straight through New Mexico to Arizona – it was beautiful. Plateaus kept us looking out of the window all day, and watching a rain storm across a plain is just something you don’t see in Jersey. We’re currently in a Denny’s near St. Michael’s Indian school where we’re going to be working tomorrow!

P.S. Free refills on cappuccinos rule. Until you have to much of them. Then they make you sleepy.

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Please tell me you guys filmed your mini-adventure in Mexico? Because something tells me I’d sort of want to see that. As usual, hope this finds you well. It looks like you guys are doing really wonderful things.

Love as always,

Comment by Laura

Que es esto?
La Viaje de Trabojos Buena no tienen tiempo para comprar servicios.
Suerte y vayan bien a Dios,

Comment by Vieja

Awesome to see you guys making so much headway and covering so much ground. If you guys make it to Canada you’ll have visited a whole continent. (North America I believe) Tell the southwest I said hello, and try to get out of the van/tent/motel room/person’s floor at some point during the night. You won’t believe the blanket of stars you’re going to see.

Keep up the “Good Works”

Comment by ajintrocaso

Laudable work, guys. Make sure to visit nearby Window Rock and have someone at St. Michael’s help you find some fry bread.

Comment by Jeremy

You’re going to love Arizona, and I have no doubt that they will love you, too. You guys are an inspiration!

Comment by Kimmy

Ola! Que tal?,
La Viaje del Trabajos Buenos no tienen bastante tiempo para comprare servicios en Mexico? Ojala que Usteades encuentran suerte bueno.
Que le vayan bien a Dios.


Comment by Viejo

…wait, who is this? I thought this was a porn site.

Comment by Cristin

I want to see lightening in the desert so badly. And Cristin is right. Where’s the porn?

Comment by Cat

I can’t believe the number of people who stop me to ask how/where/what you guys are doing. I am one proud mama. Good call on the burrito. I love all of you.

Comment by Mom Urian

You guys should see if you can get some sort of sponsorship through Starbucks ‘WE’LL DRINK YOUR COFFEE ON SCREEN’
Stay safe guys.

Comment by Sem

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