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From Bears to Bear Monkeys by jamesintrocaso
August 2, 2008, 2:26 am
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Good Works Fans,

I’m sure you’re all wondering what we did in our day in Austin, TX. We had a pretty full day and are staying here courtesy of Tim’s uncle and I couldn’t be more excited to be staying with such a cool dude. He’s made us feel very at home.

So we got to help out a local park less than a block from the house in which we were staying. We had to rebuild their storage shed and fix the ground beneath it and the rebuild the shed. All said and done, the shed is sturdy and the park has a new place to keep some of its supplies.

Next we headed over to the Austin Zoo, which is a non-profit zoo that has all rescued animals. Did you know drug dealers kept tigers? Me neither. Apparently they’re even scarier than big dogs. They had tons of animals and we helped them clean out trash by the Bear Monkeys and clear the brush in front of the bear pen. These videos will be forth coming as well as our experience with NAM in Houston. Look for those tomorrow.

One more thing. In Houston, the local paper The Sun stopped by the give us some coverage. Check out our story.

That’s if for now, Good Works Fans! We’ll be driving quite a bit tomorrow to get to El Paso, Texas to stop over briefly for our drive to St. Michael, Arizona, where we’ll be working at a Catholic School for Native Americans.

Kick it like Chung-Li from Street Fighter II,



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that is a very nice story, guys. i want you guys featured in the Asbury Park Press.

Comment by Cat

Nice networking. The “story” is effective. I say we all send it to Oprah.

Comment by LocalNews Fan

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