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NAM doesn’t just mean VietNAM anymore. by jamesintrocaso

Fans of Good Works,

Howdy, y’all, from Houston, Texas. Today we worked with a super awesome non-profit called Northwest Assistance Ministries (NAM for short). It’s an organization that’s celebrating their 25th year and oh man are they on fire. They have so many social outreach programs from Meals on Wheels to a domestic violence awareness program to food pantries to many, many others. Today we worked at a resale shop that was operated by NAM and boy did we have a good time. Tim was stocking bookshelves while Zach and I were pricing items in the back warehouse (note to those who have never used a price label gun before… it’s fun… especially when you’re working next to someone like Mr. Wiseley). To find out more about NAM, you can visit their website. They were such a welcoming group of people who were excited about everything they do and their energy was nothing less than contagious.

Where will the Good Works Fellows be working tomorrow? Don’t look now, but tomorrow we head for Austin to work at the Austin Zoo. Get ready for lots and lots of monkey business. Yeah, I said it.

Tonight, we also post the second video of our New Orleans adventure. We will never forget our experiences there and to anyone thinking about volunteering in that city, go ahead and do it. They need all the help they can get.

Kick it like Pele,



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GWT Men,
Very effective video. The music is approriatly but very subtlely guiding the emotions. This is going to be an interesting piece of work.
Nice job creatively especially while on the road.
It is really great to be able to investigate each groups websites that are in your postings. Nice Touch.
Stay safe and Godspeed.

Comment by BDL

Entertaining, informative and moving all at the same time. I agree with above that the music is award winning.
“Creating and Editing at 65 m.p.h.” might be the title of your next book.

Comment by Frenchman

How much is that Wisedog in the window?
The one with the shaggy lookin’ hair
How much is that Wisedog in the window?
I do hope that Wisedog’s for sale

So how much did Mr. Wiseley end up costing?


Comment by ajintrocaso

lso just so you know James, the video of you guys in New Orleans is powerful. It’s the kind of thing EVERYONE needs to see. Who would think that in a country as rich and as supposedly socially progressive as America such tragedy is not only allowed to happen initially, but is allowed to continue to happen. This should and probably will go down as one of the darker chapters of recent American history.

Thank you for reminding me that we can all do and be a little bit better.


Comment by ajintrocaso

I have used a price gun before, and there’s nothing better than deciding the value of your friends, and tagging them as such.

Good work, guys! I’m pretty impressed at the far reach of this tour that started in Jersey dirt.

Comment by Colin

I have to keep a box of tissues by the computer now for when I read your blogs and watch your videos!
I’m so proud of you!

Comment by Linda Wiseley

Fantasic. My sources tell me lots and lots of people are checking out your tour and following your work.
To all the GWT Watchers,
Log on with an encouraging or critical comment for this homegrown team. Let’s let them know their gang is with them.

Comment by Colls Fan

the music is perfect. that woman is also a very good speaker.

Comment by Cat

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