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So… basically beignettes are funnel cake? by timurian
July 31, 2008, 3:43 am
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Hey GWT fans,

Today we drove from New Orleans to Spring, Texas – right outside of Houston. As we go west the country starts to change again, the air is dryer than in Lousiana or Florida, and the sky seems even more vast. (I guess everything is bigger in Texas). Every now and again we look at one another and go ‘Wow… we’re in Texas!’ It seems like so far from home. If you get a chance check out our google map – that’s about 2,000 miles worth of driving. (Dr. Lou, you were right on the money)

Here’s the first of two videos from New Orleans, it’s a little less full of our usual chicannery, but I strongly recommend checking it out!


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Hello to fellow fans and people cheking on the GWT,
This is an amazing idea. Your thoughts?

Comment by P Bones

The New Orleans stuff is really powerful guys. Its amazing that almost three years after that catastrophe hit, there are still places that look like it happened last month. Its easy to forget about what’s happening down there sometimes especially in the poor and underprivileged areas. Thank you for opening our eyes a little wider.

Love you guys and keep up the “Good Works”

(A side note to James ~ Don’t worry Juamez I’m keeping an eye on them)

Comment by ajintrocaso


Comment by Cat

It’s good that you guys got to see what has happened and continues to happen in New Orleans. We have moved on to other things and need to be reminded about what happened that day in Sept of 2005. If you had stopped in Biloxi or Pass Cristian , Mississippi you would have seen the same thing. People need to see this video.
Steve Caporiccio

Comment by Steve Caporiccio


Comment by Cristin

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