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We get a taste of N.O.L.A.; two years after the levee broke by wisedog
July 30, 2008, 12:52 am
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Last night, the GWT rolled into New Orleans, a landmark spot for the tour. We all knew that even so long after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, that the Good Works Tour would be able to help out in some capacity.  Rumors and reports had had it that not much had changed deep in the 9th ward since the floods.  We had no clue how true those stories were.

We started the day by working with Common Ground Relief, a small but sturdy organization that does everything from rebuilding houses to providing free legal support to those who need it.  We were dispatched to a house that had been devastated by the flood waters, and had seen no help even two years later.  We, along with a team of volunteers from CGR, as well as a Jewish youth social responsibility program, went to work gutting the house, removing everything we could from inside.  Houses like the one we worked on today are in danger of being demolished, and the properties foreclosed; the only way one can tell if a house is even worth salvaging is by gutting it completely.

After the  morning’s labor, we broke for lunch and some interviews, then we and the team went down to a property across the street from where the levee broke and cut their grass — much like elsewhere in the U.S., property owners are required to maintain their lawns — now overgrown and chaotic.  CGR offers their help to protect to struggling home owner from fines or jailtime. (By letting us cut their grass.  With machetes!)

Seeing the reality of the lower 9th ward for ourselves meant something different to each of us.  You’ll find more about it and our own personal efforts here in the Crescent City when we put together our NOLA video, featuring real-life footage from a city still in need, coming soon.


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I’m looking forward to the documentary. The clips have been insightful and entertaining.

Comment by P Bones

Dear Good Works Tour,

Will you be heading north to Ohio at any point?

I can for sure find some good works to be done at Oberlin College and the surrounding town and county. I’m a good friend of Eric’s, and I’m following you avidly and thoroughly enjoying your videos. You’ll have wonderful people to put you up and be around as well.

Talk to Eric. Consider it. Ohio is good people.

Keep it up!

Ma’ayan Plaut

Comment by Ma'ayan

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