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“We crossed the Mississippi? I missed it?” by jamesintrocaso

That comment was made by our one and only Wisedog today as we headed from Gainesville, Florida to New Orleans, Louisiana. Indeed, we did cross the great river (which was apparently disapointing to the Wisedog) and now we’re comfy and cozy at the Days Inn in New Orleans. We’ll be here until Wednesday working in the city to help with the continuing efforts to clean up the events of a disaster that hit the area almost three years ago. This stop is by far one of our most important and we hope you’ll follow us as we complete the journey.

Today, we’ve got two videos for y’all (Southern, right?). One is the much anticipated video of the good works of volunteers at St. Francis Hospital in Charleston, SC and another is a compilation of our good works in Gainesville (and to our hosts, I tip my hat for helping us find the good works and for looking oh so good on camera).

The Southern United States are beautiful and for all of you at home in the Jersey area, if you haven’t been you should check it out. Seems people down here are already more into doing good works for one another and a little more willing to lend a hand to neighbors and friends.

Now my spider senses are tingling because it seems that many people are visiting our blog, but our videos are not getting as many views as our blog is getting hits. In that case, do us a favor, if you haven’t watched ANY of our videos, watch one. You might be surprised. If you’ve watched one or more, I encourage you to watch another. We’re particularly proud of the two we are posting tonight. We’ve been hard at work in the van and at the hotel on these.




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you guys are adorable- don’t think no one realized you’re singing les mis while you’re digging.

hope this finds you well, and take care!

love as always,

Comment by Laura

James, Tim Zach,
Absolutly great job. Watching the videos directly from the blog is easy. Technically, spiritually and creatively you guys have game.

Comment by Palindrome

Hey guys, just so you know probably a lot of people are viewing the blog at work, and most offices/employers block youtube. That may be the reason the blog gets so many more hits. I know for me I read the blog at work and then log back on at home to check the videos.

Keep up the Good Works,


Comment by ajintrocaso

Great cuts you knitting is my favorite part

Comment by Cat

You guys are adorable. Also I think I want to move there and be a volunteer there, but only if I can sing and crotchet at the same time. Miss you guys!

Comment by Katy

beautiful work, fellas. wish i could’ve served a good meal with some cold drink… thanks again for coming by.
in honor of your unsolicited and competent service, we hereby name the compost area, “Heap of Good Works”

with sincere appreciation and best wishes on the rest of your journey,

noah kai shitama
gainesville, florida

Comment by noah shitama

You are awesome!

Can you knit me a sweater? If you start now you may have it done by the winter. Keep up the Good Works and I’ll stay tuned!

Comment by Darrilyn

Those videos are REALLY GOOD. I want to adopt the singing lady as my grandmother. (Please don’t tell that to my grandmother)

Comment by Cristin

Perfect. I added it to my blog. Thanks guys!

Comment by joan

You picked a truly great hospital with the most awesome volunteer co-ordinator!!! I hope all goes well on your adventure throughout the States!!! May you come away with a great appreciation for this country and discover a way in which to pitch in and help even more. Great Mission!!!!!

Comment by connie

Tim Urian- nice shorts.

Comment by Rebecca

Well, I am just catching up on all the news. The knitting was something to see. I can not believe that after three years N.O. still looks like that in the 9th ward – what a shame and I hope this will inspire lots of people to volunteer.
Do good works and take care
Love to all!

Comment by Aunt Mel

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