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Hard work in Gainesville by wisedog
July 27, 2008, 11:12 pm
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Today was a great day for the Good Works Tour (and for the Wisedog in particular (Yeah, I just referenced myself in the 3rd person.  EAT THAT, INTERNET!)) My cousins Nick and Rachel, and their son Cecil, have been absolutely wonderful to us, and our hard work is being rewarded with some amazing downtime in their wonderful home in Gainseville, FL.

“What work?” you ask? Well, this morning, we got down and dirty in the front lawn yanking 4′ pieces of rebar (once used to keep large plants (which got stolen) from getting stolen.)  After some thinking, the ensuing crippling confusion, and ultimately Nick’s ingenuity, application of simple machines, and excellent use of Archemedes‘ principles (plus a little teamwork and elbow grease), we yanked the metal rods of danger from the lawn.

After a break, featuring some regionally traditional sweet tea, we headed off to the future site of an alternative preschool, where the GWT took over an operation digging holes for, planting, and cementing posts for a wire fence.  The video of our day of work in the Gainesville sun (and rain! We had to rig a bag to cover the camera at one point) will be up soon.  

“But we want videos NOW!” you scream at your computer?  Well, Good Works Fans, how happy we are to provide!  Here’s a little featurette highlighting our visit to the Grateful Golden Rescue, in Charleston, S.C.

Our time here with my family has been fantastic, and it’s given us a time to cool off a bit and reassess before we start our journey to the Pacific.  At this one-week marker for the Tour, we’d like to thank everybody reading, watching, and following along.  We wouldn’t be out on the road helping people out without your continued support and encouragement!  (Well, we might.  But we’d be broke, and we’d be having a miserable time.)

We leave in the morning for a long day of driving to start our week in New Orleans.  It’s been a blast spending time with my cousins, and we got to do some of the real Good Works that we had hoped to do when we set out.  Stay with us — a day on the road also means a day of editing video for us, so more internet adventures are coming your way. 

We’ll see you further on down the trail.  – Wisedog


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Why is there a Good Works Tour tag?

Comment by seeley2

Hi Guys,
What a week you have had. I am so glad to be a small part of your work through donation and support. I hope this is a movement that catches on with all of us.

Comment by Lou

Goldy in a pool. Awesome.

Comment by Catherine

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