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Hospitals and Puppy Dogs by jamesintrocaso

Good Works Fanatics (and other mildly enthused individuals),

I think I speak for both of my friends when I say that today was simply awe-inspiring. The world is freaking amazing.

We started off at a hospital today and we met a whole ton of volunteers who were some of the world’s best people. From 95 year old Shep, who delivered magazines, to 15 year old Haley who dreams of becoming a doctor, this was great. St. Francis is probably the nicest looking and best hospital that I’ve ever been inside and their staff of volunteers and employees could not be beat. They ranked number one in customer service last year. Find out more about them at

Next we visited the folks at Golden Rescue. You can visit these guys at These guys are great because they find homes and foster golden retrievers in SC. SC doesn’t have as many animal rights laws as we do in the North East so they provide a valuable service to our canine friends and place them with families. We also got to play with dogs.

Finally today we met a very kind man on the beach (we went to touch the Atlantic Ocean one time before we head West). He’s from Philly and lives in SC now, but misses Wawa coffee. One good work we’ll be performing is sending this man coffee once we get back home. He gave us some super advice, that may be up soon.

Well friends, we’ll be camping tonight and driving all day tomorrow to get to Florida to see Wisedog’s cousins. Follow us on our google map and look for more videos coming soon about our adventures here in SC.



“I believe that people are really good at heart.” – Anne Frank


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Look at all you have learned and accomplishe in just 6 days. The three of you are doing some thing unique and should take time to enjoy the bond you are developing.
Thinking of you often,

Comment by Pop

Good luck in Gainesville.

Comment by Pop

Good to see you haven’t killed James yet. It looks like you’re enjoying yourself. If you can do that and do good works at the same time, thats great. Oh Yea, James, you are a bit of a ham but as my wife says I guess it takes one to know one.
Drive carefully!
Steve & Trudy

Comment by Steve & Trudy

We loved having you in Charleston! Come back. We have more to show you!

to a few pictures of your hospital visit:

Comment by joan

You’ve made an excellent video which highlights no only St. Francis Hospital, the pride of our community, but their outstanding volunteer organization. Keep up the good work and best wishes for a safe and productive tour.

Comment by WINDVEIL

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