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“Not just pretty faces” by timurian

Hey there GWT Fans,

Today was terrific! We started off bright and early with Live Arts , a community theater where volunteers are the core of very high level of theatre production. The people there really seemed to love what they do, and all mentioned feeling as if volunteering there made them part of a family. We even got to sweep a stage, which was a small act but something we were happy to do. (We thought of all the stage managers who are fond in our hearts.) We also were excited that NBC 29, the local NBC affiliate, came and shot video of us while we were there. It was interesting being on the other side of the camera being asked questions. Can’t wait to see what they came up with.

After that it was back to Computers 4 Kids to do some work. The chance to spend hours there helping to do things they needed done was one of the best things that has happened to us thus far. It really made us feel like we were making a difference, not just watching someone else do so. We rearranged an office, and did a lot of filing. They even got us some pizza, which I remarked had “good works” on it instead of “the works”, by far the worst joke of our trip to date. I’m surprised I’m still allowed in the van.

From there we went to the house of a co-worker of one of the people we interviewed at C4K and mowed his lawn as our “Individual Act of Kindness” for Charlottesville (formerly “Random Act of Kindness… then we realized they weren’t really random) He seemed really appreciative, here’s a note he left us:

Hi James, Tim and Zach –

Thanks again for mowing our yard.

My wife and I really apprecaite it.  It was really nice to come home to a nicely mowed yard!  We’ve both been working a lot lately (she didn’t get home until 2:30AM and I’m in grad school and working full time) so it really makes a difference for us.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your adventure.



Its really cool to have this opportunity. “I [We] have often relied on the kindness of strangers.” Tomorrow, drive to Charleston, SC!


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We so appreciated all of the work that you guys did. It was a pleasure to come into our fresher and brighter. I was able to further reduce the stack of files on my desk and I feel much better able to be productive.

Thanks guys! Have a wonderful trip and I’ll be in touch to provide some contacts in the cities where you’ll be going.


Comment by this girl

I meant “fresher and brighter office.”

Comment by this girl

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