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Aaand they’re off! by timurian
July 20, 2008, 11:55 pm
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Hey Guys –

This is our first post from on the road! We are currently in Washinton D.C., and loving every minute of it.

This morning we attended mass at St. Vincent Pallotti where Msgr. Marucci gave us a rousing send off. He talked about the wanton violence that seems to be so pervasive in the world today, and how it is the community’s responsibility to change this. He then talked about our trip and what it means. Also, we received cool nick names Stew, Ward, and Chip. (Stewardship!) We’ve mostly been vying to be called ‘Ward’ because it’s a pretty awesome name.  I can hardly describe how the congregation’s response made us feel. Sometimes I wonder if there will be more of us volunteering to help others or others volunteering to help us on this trip.

We finished some last minute preperations, then packed the van to the gills. We bid goodbye to our family and friends and started heading south. (Mostly so James could harass toll booth attendants with his exubberant hello’s.) Already we’ve completed one random act of kindness – helping to move and assemble a bookshelf. I know it’s small, but it’s a start!

Also, at the end of this post, you’ll find our first official GWT video — cleaning out the van!  It will be our home for the next 8 weeks, after all!  Be sure to check that out.  Very special thanks to our good friend Eric Michaels for writing some B.A. music for us!

Plus, you can check out the new link to our Google Map – it’s another way to feel like you’re riding right along with us.  And get pumped for our first videos from the road featuring Zach being informative and me in sunglasses: Coming soon!




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Do what ya gotta, but don’t waste any of your good works on Kaner.

Comment by Scarpa

I want to be Ward after Ward Cleaver.

Comment by jamesintrocaso

You guys are all adorable.

And it appears that one of you is actually Edward Norton.

Comment by Emma

Three Very Wise Guys,
St. Vincent Pallotti was the Patron Saint of Good Works. Ward, Chip & Stewie all TV stars. From building bookshelves to international relations! What are you naming the van? Travel safe.

Comment by Maria Anderson

I feel so high tech; blogging, youtubing, what’s next?! Loved the videos. Who did you build a bookcase for? Every time a white van comes down the street I expect you to come thru the door. I know you are not here though because I bought a small bottle of milk! Be safe for you are loved (even if you do not get to be Ward!). P.S. Someone asked what you were naming the van; well it is a… and you are on an….. Just a suggestion.

Comment by Mom Urian

Ok, so now I can’t get this off my mind:
Possible names for the van:
Slow White
Summer Solstice
White Knuckles (I’ve driven with you)
Wild Venture
Three Part Harmony (too sappy?)
WE B Leavin ( my personal favorite)
Texas Tea Totaler (hope it doesn’t have a drinking problem!)

Comment by Mom Urian


This is great. Keep up the “good work” as well as the funny!

Comment by Davey Lee Roth

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