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I can’t believe it! by jamesintrocaso
July 1, 2008, 9:57 am
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We’re finally going on this trip that we’ve been talking about for over two years. All of our friends are making this possible and in a way it feels like The Good Works Tour is an organization, rather than just three guys. The website has been up for a little over 30 hours now and the emails, love, and support keep coming in. Be sure to email if you want be added to our mailing list. Please forward out these web addresses to your friends and family, to make sure they know that The Good Works Tour will soon be coming to them.

Finally, if you can’t get enough of Facebook, please join our Facebook group. Both this and the website still need a little tweaking, but man oh man are we glad for your support. Love to Tim and Zach for working their butts off with this.



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Hey Guys,
Shades of our 70’s road trips seeking to find ourselves (which we still haven’t!) The last time we drove the Fiat cross country in July of ’76 gas totaled $36.00!
Excited about the doc and following the tour. Who knows what groupies you’ll attract? The Left Coast has to be on any film makers itinerary so when you get close plan on good food, hot showers and cozy beds at Casa Anderson in Carmel.
Add us to the elist. We’ll spread the word.
Play safe. xo, Johnny, Maria, Gina & Lisa

Comment by Maria Anderson

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